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Poster: hippie64 Date: Oct 2, 2009 7:22am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Wolfgangs Vault

Although I'm not a "new head" I am new to the digital age. Once I was pulled kicking and screaming into this new medium I have learned more in the last year about my love of live music than my previous 35 years of album and CD buying, tape trading , ticket buying, and the many Fri. and Sat nights at home w/ my mucic collection.
My undying gratitude goes out to the individuals who truck their equipment to shows just so peoples like myself can have a taste. But I was shocked really once I got online to find that the thousands of dollars I've spent on commercial releases can be had free at the click of a mouse.
I can sort of symathize w/ Weirs plight to a point. But I can not understand how they can allow a certian show to stay in circulation then decide that now they want to commercaily release it. Greed is the only sum I come up w/ when I plug that equation into my often fogged brain.
From what I understand about Wolfgangs outfit is that a warehouse of material BELONGING TO BILL G. AND HIS HEIRS were put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder now I dont quite understand all the legal mumble-jumble regarding the live rec.'s but I suspect there isn't much the bands can do except get a cut from the proceeds.(sounds fair to me)
I guess the point I'm trying to make is that If not for outfits like Rhino and Wolfgangs alot of grate music would never see the light of day. That would be a shame in my eyes.
One last item, besides seeding the shows I download from the various GD sites and useing the LMA for its intended purpose (i.e. not hacking SBD's) How else can I "replenish" ? If there is something else I can do please inform beacause I want to help, and although I don't tape shows regularly the ones I have taped have never been of the quality that would suit a serious audiophile such as myself. Being kind to the scene has always been my way of relenishing. Just curious.

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Poster: direwolf0701 Date: Oct 2, 2009 8:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Wolfgangs Vault

"But I can not understand how they can allow a certian show to stay in circulation then decide that now they want to commercaily release it. Greed is the only sum I come up w/ when I plug that equation into my often fogged brain."

not so much greed, but stupidity - basically on the part of Rhino (or anyone who tries to put a high price tag on stuff gainable for free ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Imho - they suffered a total failure of market research, and their educated guesswork fell totally flat. Like I hinted at before - i cannot imagine that the boys dont know the coffin is in the ground and they feel that rapidly accelerating trickle of soil covering it up. Viable profitability has left the station. If they can get another sucker like Rhino to manage their vault - more power to them. If I was Phil, and getting paid by a management company, I would be laughing all the way to the bank - even with whatever paltry sum it may be/have been.

Wolfgang can probably make a few bucks if the product is cheap enough. But he wont be heading to the Grand Caymans on what his GD profits are going to bring in. (Now, the other music he is offering up may be another story entirely - not nearly the supply out there for free)

Yes, this is just my opinion. But if the writing on the wall is blurry, it is time to buy some glasses ;)

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Poster: skuzzlebutt Date: Oct 2, 2009 8:36am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Wolfgangs Vault

I don't think they're greedy at all. These guys are professional musicians, and they have every right to try and make a buck of off the sale of their work.

Don’t forget, the band never sanctioned the trading of soundboards (although they certainly never made any real effort to do much about it). But in many cases, such as the June '77 Winterland run that has just been released, boards nevertheless made it into circulation over the years from a variety of sources (vault leaks, Betty Cantor's stash, Healy patches, etc). Many of these (esp. the Betty Boards) were of extremely high quality. Then, a few years back, websites like Archive started going up, and all of a sudden people could download in a matter of days the type of library it used to take years to assemble. My point is that the genie left the bottle a long time ago, and the problem they now face on something like this release is that no matter how nice they make it, they're still only offering a polished version of something most fans who like that era already have. So a lot of the discussion around here lately has focused on whether they (the Dead and their business partners) are aware of just how saturated their market is.